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 Bonus Types Guide

Guide To Online Casino Bonuses

The term ''bonus'' already sounds good, right? It refers to something that you will get from a special or exclusive deal of some sort. At least that's definitely the case in the online casino industry. Pretty much every casino I have ever played at offers some form of bonus deals and with thousands of different brands out there, it's just so easy to get lost.

If you feel lost, when browsing a yet another site listing bonuses, this is exactly the article you should be reading. In the next few paragraphs, I will list everything you need to know about bonus deals available at various online casinos.

Top 3 Current Best Free Casino Bonuses

GamingClub 1. get a $200 Free Welcome bonus and a lot of weekly bonuses.
GamingClub 2. Gaming Club - get 30 Free exclusive spins and a $350 welcome.
Vegas Paradise Casino Logo 3. - $200 Free Bonus, maybe not the biggest welcome bonus , but tons of monthly bonuses to all members.


The Most Common Deals Offered at Online Casinos & Mobile Casinos

Even though ''your'' casino might say that they are giving you an exclusive, one of a kind or even once in a lifetime deal, most of the time that's not true. Majority of bonuses are simply differently presented or packaged offers. Lets take a look at the most common of these:

Deposit Bonus – a casino will offer you a certain amount of ''free'' money for opening an account and making a deposit. You will often stumble upon a match percentage of 100% and 200%, which relates to the match casino offers on your deposit.

  • Lets say that you are offered a 100% match bonus, up to $2,000 – a very common deal. So to claim the maximum amount of the bonus, you would have to deposit $1,000. The casino would then match it with 100% and award additional $2,000 to play with.

  • No Deposit Bonus – also a very common offer these days, as industry gets more and more saturated. Casino will offer you a completely risk free reward for opening an account with them. This can be presented in a form of free spins or no deposit cash, such as $10 free for opening an account.

  • Cash Back – while many consider this offer to be the best of all, it really isn't much different than a regular sign-up bonus. In this case, a casino offers some sort of insurance guarantee and will return portion of money that you initially deposited to you, in case you lose it.

  • Exclusive Bonuses – there actually are some exclusive bonuses too. Majority of the time, these are offered by the so called affiliates, who have partnered up with casinos and help them with marketing. In order to attract players easier, casinos give these agents approval for bonus deals that would not be available otherwise.

  • If you are already ready to make a deposit, but still don't have a bonus, I can suggest a resource I personally also use sometimes when looking for these types of offers – . They have multiple sections where bonuses are sorted using various metrics, such as your country of residence, software provider you like or even payment method you want to use for a deposit.
    Here's the catch though, exclusive bonuses can be found in their casino codes section, so instead of spending a good hour trying to find them, head right over to this section and find a suitable offer for yourself.

So far so great, right? If you are a completely new player, you might already be counting money that you will make from these deals. After all, for every $1,000 deposited, online casinos will just throw free cash at you, right? Wrong.

The Small Print – Wagering Requirements

Lets make one thing clear. Casinos are there to make money, it's a business. They have no interest in rewarding you with bonuses that won't gain them anything. This is where the so called wagering requirements come into play.

These are the terms that you have to fulfill in order to withdraw the bonus, if it's cashable (will get into this later). Usually they are presented in a format of ''your deposit multiplied by amount x'', but can also be like this – ''your deposit + bonus multiplied by amount x''.

This shows how much money you have to wager (stake) playing casino games, before a withdrawal of any funds can be requested. You might already know that all casinos have the so called house edge – the advantage they hold over the player. Well, bonuses are designed in a way that still allows them to keep that edge, even though they do make it smaller.

Cashable vs Non-Cashable Bonuses

This is very important – there are two types of casino bonuses offered. Ones are cashable, while the others are not. If you are a native speaker of the english language, you probably see where I'm going with this.

Cash-able bonuses are awarded and can be withdrawn, while non-cashable offers are simply awarded to improve your playing bankroll. Once you have fulfilled wagering requirements and want to withdraw, they are taken away. Both of these bonus types still carry wagering requirements too, so to me it's a no brainer – always go with cashable bonuses!

Game Specific Bonuses

You might not know this yet, but most bonus deals are awarded for usage at slot machines. You can still play most other games using them too, but they will not count to wagering requirements, which means it's a fairly large waste of time.

Having that said, some casinos do offer game specific bonuses, ones that are tailored to table games, video poker, blackjack or roulette. Though these deals will almost exclusively be non-cashable and available at casinos that I would not recommend playing at.

Final Thoughts About Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are great, that's for sure. They offer a chance to play for higher stakes and thus win more money, but they are also time consuming. If you just want to play once a week for few hours, I would suggest that you avoid them entirely. Casinos will give you a really hard time, when it comes to wagering requirements, timeframe given to fulfill them and in the end, it might simply not be worth the trouble. Join a casino, make a deposit and have the option to withdraw your winnings when you want it.

Lastly, casinos are mostly genuine and honest – you don't have to worry about your money being stolen, but use common sense! If an offer is simply too good to be true, it probably is. Spotted a deal like this? Avoid that casino entirely and stick with reputable ones!


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